Aria Beauty US - Unauthorised Dealer Warning

Please note, if you have purchased an Aria Beauty product within North America, the seller was NOT an authorised Aria Beauty EU retailer. We can only guarantee customer service, warranties, and general contact if your tool was purchased within The EU or UK by a licensed retailer or on our official UK & EU website:


We are the only Aria brand in the EU and UK and the only brand that follows Trading Standards regulations for selling EU and UK plugs Aria Beauty Tools. We deeply apologise for all inconveniences caused by these unauthorised sellers.


Please note we are not connected as a company in any way to these sellers and do not endorse them using or selling our brand. We recommend returning items purchased from unauthorised dealers, and request a full refund.


The following online companies are NOT authorised to sell Aria Beauty products:

Aria Beauty under a company named ‘Relaxus Products’
1590 Powell Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 1H3